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1.        We need water for cooking and cleaning
2.        Birds and aeroplanes  can also be seen in the sky during the day
     3.        We wear earmuff, and scarf. It is  snowy day
     4.         We use water  to cook our food
 5.        We get  water from places like rivers and  lakes
 6.         Wind helps sailboats to move
 7.         We need water and air because we cannot stay alive without them
  we need  water to  wash and clean, cook, and we use air for breathe
 8.         Wind helps to spread the seeds of plants
 9.         Wind help to move the windmill
10.        Rain collect in places like rivers and seas
11.        We can see the sun and clouds at the day, and we can see the stars, 
          moon, and clouds at the night
12.         Fireflies are insects that can give out light
13.         The sun and the  star / moon  give out light in the sky
14.         Living things breathe in  air
15.         We wear a jacket  on a  windy  day
16.         We can see stars, moon and clouds at the night
17.          Wind is  the moving  air and it can move things
18.           Water comes down from the sky as rain
19.           It is bright during the day
20.           it is dark during the night
21.           When the weather changes we should wear the clothes as the weather
     example snowy day we wear earmuff, gloves, boots, scarf
22.           In rainy day we should wear umbrella, raincoat, and boots
23.           We need light because without the light we cannot see
24.           We can see  sun, aeroplanes, kites,  clouds in the sky during the day
25.           reservoir is resource of man - made
26.           We can build a snowman on  a snowy day
27.      Torch  gives out light
28.           We cannot see without the light
29.           We breathe in  the clean of air
30.           It is a  sunny day. We can fly a kite



  1. We see things when light enters our eyes
  2. When an objects blocks light, its shadow is formed
  3. The ways to make heat are burning and rubbing
  4. When the weather is cold, our hands will feel warm if we rub them
  5. Heat changes the size, colour, shape, and texture of things
  6. Heat changes the size of the candle
  7. Heat changes the shape of ice
  8. Heat changes the colour of the egg
  9. Heat changes the texture of the shirt
  10. The sound produces when a thing moves, it vibrates and make a sound
  11. When we are far away from a sound, the sound is soft
  12. When we are near from a sound, the sound is loud
  13. Some things stay on the top of the water. They float
  14. Some things fall to the bottom. They sink
  15. We use materials to make objects
  16. We can group objects  by size, shape, colour, and texture
  17. Non – Living things can be made from plants and animals
  18. The dark shape is your shadow
  19. The animal which has a loud sound is elephant
  20. When we hear very loud sound will hurt our ears
  21. When we see very bright light will hurt our eyes
  22. When we drop wooden things into water, it will be float
  23. When we put metal knife  into the water, it will be sink
  24. It is very cold day. We should  wear a sweater, rub our hands together
  25. When there is no heat we cannot cook
  26. When there is no heat we cannot dry our hairs and clothes
  27. We should have a warm drink when we are cold
  28. Object in your bedroom which makes sound is alarm clock
  29. When there is no light, no shadow will be formed
  30. Rubbing and burning give off heat

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SCIENCE GRADE 1 Material for Final Test
1.    The arms,shoulders and neck are part of the body
2.    The eyes,nose and mouth are part of the face
3.    We have 5 senses, they are eyes, skin, tongue, nose, and ears
4.    We use our eyes to see
5.    We use our skin to feel
6.    We use our tongue to taste
7.    We use our nose to smell
8.    We use our ears to hear
9.    We bathe and brush our teeth to be clean and healthy
10.      We comb our hair to be neat
11.      We exercise to be healthy and strong
12.      Food such as milk,eggs and cheese help us to grow
13.      Fruits and vegetables prevent us from falling ill
14.      Food such as rice and potatoes give us energy to play and study
15.      We drink enough water to be healthy
16.      People and animals are living things
17.      Things that living things need to stay alive are  air, water, and food
18.      Living things can have young
19.      Living things respond to changes
20.      Living things grow and change
21.      Living things can also die
22.      Birds can fly with their wings
23.      Fishes swim with their fins and tails
24.      Hares, rabbits, and kangaroos hop with their legs
25.      Zebras and lions live on land
26.      Birds fly. Snake glide. Rabbit hop. Animals move in different ways
27.      A small plant has a stem, a big plant has a trunk
28.      Parts  of plant are roots, stem/trunk, flower, leaf, and fruit
29.      Papaya, water melon, melon, and chili are fruits which have many seeds
30.      Plant can grow on land, water, or other plants
31.      We can eat the fruits of some plants
32.      The road and basket ball are rough. The slide, marble  and bowling ball are smooth
33.      Wood is hard, strong, and heavy
34.      Glass is clear, hard, and smooth.
35.      Cloth is light and soft
36.      Mirror are made of glass
37.      You can bend and pull rubber
38.      T -  shirt  and towel are made of cloth
39.      The leaves of plant make food from sunlight
40.      Mango, papaya, apple,cherries, and grapes are fruits that we can eat
41.      The roots grow deep into the ground to get water
42.      Dolphins, whales, and shark live in the water
43.      We rest and sleep so that we have energy to study and play
44.      The page of the books are made of paper
45.      Metal and wood are strong and hard
46.      Paper is light and thin
47.      Animals come in different sizes and colours
48.      Car, chair, and ball are non living things
49.      We brush our teeth to be clean
50.      A balanced diet is made up of healthy food

SCIENCE GRADE 2 Material for Final Test
1.    Our muscles and bones help us move
2.    Animals live in different habitat
3.    Some animals are harmful. They are mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches
4.    Some animals are useful. They are hens, cows, buffaloes
5.    Some plants are useful. They are give us fruits, vegetables, and shade from the sun
6.    Some plants are harmful. They are poisonous and can also hurt us
7.    Poison ivy gives you rashes
8.    Water plant float on the water or grow underwater
9.    Our heart pumps blood to the rest of our body
10.   Plants  which live in water are duckweed, cattail, water lily, hydrilla
11.   We need air to breathe and to burn things
12.   Land plants grow on the ground, on buildings or on other plants
13.   Smoke and dust polluted the air
14.   Polluted air can make us sick
15.   Water come in different forms. They are water, steam, ice.
16.   Oil do not mix  with water and they float on water
17.   Syrup mix together with water and change colour
18.   Sand do not mix with water and they sink in water
19.   Rocks are found in the ground, in oceans, in mountains, and caves
20.   Rocks have many uses :
for buildings,
 for roads  and bridges,
for statue,
 for jewellery
21.   Plant get water from the soil
22.   Soil hold the roots of plants and help plants stay in place
23.   The ground is made up of rocks and soil
24.   The sun rises in the morning
25.   The sun sets  in the evening
26.   At the night, we can see moon, stars, and star pattern  in the sky
27.   The moon has different shapes – the crescent moon, the half moon, and the full moon.
28.   During summer, it  is warm. We can cycle and fly kites
29.   During summer, it is hot. We can swim and have barbecues. We wear clothes that keep us cool such as vest, short, wetsuit  and can also use visor,sunglasses, straw hat, hand fan
30.   During autumn, it is cool and windy. We wear clothes that protect us from the wind
31.   Winter is cold. We wear clothes that keep us warm. We build snowmen and ride sleds
32.   Soil is important because :
plants grow and animals live in the soil,
plants get water from the soil,
 helps plants stay in place
33.   Sugar and salt mix together with water and disappear
34.   Steam is hot. It does have a shape
35.   Ice is cold and hard
36.   We must keep the air clean by walk and ride your bike, take the bus, plant more trees
37.   Sailboats need wind to move
38.   Cacti live in the dessert. They store water in their stems
39.   Fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks, eels  live in the water
40.   Camels have humps to store fats