Senin, 25 Mei 2015


1.      A force is a push or a pull
2.      There are three types of  force, they are :
-           can make objects move,
-           stop moving,
-           go to other way
3.      Pound clay to make it flat
4.      Press and stretch the dough to make bread
5.      Twist the cloth to squeeze out water
6.      Bend the balloon to make a new shape
7.      You need pull the drawer to open it
8.      Objects that use batteries to work are :
-          Alarm clock
-          Remote control
-          Cellular phone
-          Robot toys
-          Torch
-          camera
9.      You need to push the door to close it
10. When a goal keeper catches a ball, he makes the ball stop moving
11. You need a ladder to reach high places
12. We use these tools in the kitchen ;
Eggbeater, can opener, peeler
13. We use these tools in the study room :
Stapler, scissors, pencil sharpener
14. Ramp and trolley are tools that make our work easier
15. Tools help us fix objects are :
Screwdriver, and hammer
16. Part  of a pencil sharpener are : crank, blade, and casing
17. Part  of a hammer are face, head, claw, handle
18. A circuit made up of :
-          A switch
-          A battery
-          A wire
-          An electrical appliance
19. Part of scissors are : screw, blades, handle
20. Tools cannot work if some parts are missing
21. We  can change the shape of objects / materials , by
-          pounding,
-          pressing,
-          stretching,
-          twisting,
-           bending
22. The part of a tool must work together. They can not work on their own
23. Tools help us do our work more easily
24. Batteries come in different shapes and sizes
25. Magnets attract most objects that are made of metal
26. Magnet do not attract objects that are made of wood, glass, plastic, cloth, rubber, and paper
27. Magnet can be used in many ways :
-          In credit cards and bank cards
-          In purse clasps
-          As earings
-          To hold up paper
28. When you twist a cloth, you are changing its shapes
29. A pair of scissors needs two blades and a screw to work
30. You need a hammer to knock a nail into a piece of wood
31. The objects that can be attracted by magnet are :
-          paper clips,
-           nail,
-          spoon,
-           fork,
-          Knife, etc
32. Some electrical appliances do not need batteries to work.You have to plug them into socket instead



1.      Heat is useful, we need heat for many things
2.      Heat from the sun can dry our clothes
3.      Heat from fireplace keeps us warm
4.      We use heat to cook our food
5.      The sun gives out heat
6.      Things that give out heat when we use them are :
-         Lighted candle
-         Oven
-         Lamp
-         Iron
-         Kettle, etc
7.      Some sounds are nice to hear
These sounds can be soft, for example music box
These sounds can be loud, for example trumpet sound
8.      Some sounds are not nice to hear. For example : drilling and thunder
9.      We use sounds to :
-         Tell people what to do
-         Helps us to relax
-         Warn us of danger
10. We can move things by
-  Pushing
-  Pulling
11. A push moves things away from you
12. A pull moves things nearer to you
13. It is easy to move things that are light
14. It is difficult to move things that are heavy
15. Electricity is energy
16. A radio, a computer, an iron, and a hairdryer need electricity to work
17. Alarm clock, torch, camera, car toy get electricity from batteries
18. Three example ways to save electricity are :
-Switch off the fan when they are not use
-Switch off the light, when you go out
-Switch off the radio when they are not use
19. Do not put to many plugs into the same socket
20. Do not put anything other than a plug into a socket
21. Do not touch a socket with wet hands
22.  Be careful not to trip over wires
23. We must not waste electricity. We should turn off the electricity things.When we are not using them
24. In the night is dark because there is no sun that can give us bright light
25. Wind is the moving air